What Is It?



Created in 2011, the Québec City Film Festival (QCFF) offers its city and visitors a major cinematographic event. We have created an exceptional site where a multitude of high quality works evolve, with a special place reserved for Québec artists and artisans.

Our Festival is a reflection of the diversity of the Seventh Art. We strive to achieve our mission: to share our passion with the general public by inviting them to join a celebration that is open and accessible to everyone.

The QCFF is a Celebration of Film. An awareness and universality of its place that attracts us to its intelligence.



To make our organization and its event a model in Québec in terms of governance, management and programming, with film enthusiasts and artisans at its centre.



  • Respect
  • Committed
  • Original
  • Diligent
  • Proximity



  • Contribute to the development of the art of film in Québec
  • Promote Québec as an ideal destination for film and creating
  • Support Québec’s tourism offer in an effective manner
  • Be a witness for the work of artists and artisans from the city, province and country
  • Ensure a flawless dissemination for artists, artisans and festival visitors
  • Bring together artists, artisans and enthusiasts of the Seventh Art in Québec City during the Festival
  • Maintain close ties with educational institutions
  • Be a key actor in mobilizing the driving forces of Québec City
  • Be a model of development, governance, management and programming



Founded in 2011, the Québec City Film Festival (QCFF) is a non-profit charity organization that strives to offer film enthusiasts from Québec and visitors from outside the province and abroad a major film event similar to other iconic international film festivals.

It is a renowned and recognised platform that screens premieres of new feature films, including both local and international productions. The QCFF also supports local talent and filmmakers, providing them with an opportunity to showcase their works to the public and media.

The QCFF held its first edition from September 21 to October 2, 2011. 122 films from 18 countries were presented and 80 special guests attended the event.

Since its inception, every autumn the festival has presented about 50 international feature films and 120 short films. The films come from various countries and represent all cinematographic genres, attracting an audience of more than 25,000 people. As the festival aims to create an experience that goes beyond film, each screening becomes an event, with the presence of filmmakers, actors and crew members. At past events, the QCFF has been proud to welcome more than 300 special guests to the festival, including well known directors Jean-Claude Labrecque, Xavier Dolan, Jean-Marc Vallée, Denys Arcand, Christophe Gans, Mike Figgis, Larry Clark and many more, as well as cast members, producers and actors.

In the coming years, the QCFF intends to strengthen its place on the film festival circuit, and do so in collaboration with the community and for the benefit of film enthusiasts and its artisans.

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